What is the Unit Award Scheme (UAS)?

UAS allows all students to engage with learning and have their achievements formally recognised.

Students are rewarded with a certificate each time they successfully complete a unit of learning. They can build up a portfolio of certificates to evidence their skills, knowledge and experience.

The scheme boosts confidence, increases engagement and improves motivation, helping students to make progress on their lifelong learning journey.

Why choose UAS

  • Comprehensive – UAS covers all topics from school curriculum subjects to life skills, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and work-related learning
  • Inclusive – students of all ages and abilities can take part in the scheme
  • Adaptable – teachers can write their own units for tailored, bespoke learning
  • Flexible – students can achieve an unlimited number of units each academic year, receiving certificates on-demand at any time throughout the year
  • Versatile – teachers can use UAS in many different ways: SEND/SEMH programmes; enrichment and extracurricular activities; community-based learning projects; professional development.

How UAS works

Teachers select units they want to teach from our extensive library. The units set out clearly what learning outcomes need to be achieved and the evidence required. The teacher is free to deliver this content in the most appropriate way for their students: there are no set specifications, schemes of work or resources.

Each centre has a UAS Coordinator who is trained as part of the UAS registration process. The coordinator submits the claims for certificates, along with the evidence when required. Claims for certificates can be made year round and students can be added to the scheme at any time.

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