Exam certificates

We send certificates to schools about three months after results day. They show the final, confirmed results.

Check that you have all the certificates you expected. Give them to students without delay (using secure post if sending by mail), and keep a record of what you've issued. Any unclaimed certificates must be stored securely for at least 12 months, then destroyed confidentially or sent back to us.

When certificates will be sent

The table below shows the dates that certificates will be sent by for each exam series. Please note that these dates and the delivery times of certificates may be impacted by school and college holidays, such as Easter and half term.

Exam seriesWhen certificates will be sent by
January 2022 31 May 2022
March 2022 31 May 2022

Single certificate with higher results

Students can get a single certificate showing their higher results for each subject from the summer 2021 or autumn 2021 series. To be eligible, a student's results must be from the same school or college.

Only centres can request this from us. Students must contact their school or college to organise this on their behalf.

Please return the student’s original summer and autumn series certificates to us at the address below, along with a cover letter requesting a single replacement certificate.

AQA Results
Devas Street
M15 6EX

There’s a fee of £43 per student. The deadline for requests is Friday 27 May 2022.

Missing certificates

If a certificate is missing, check that you've entered an award code for the student – more details on our entries pages.

If that doesn't seem to be the reason for the missing certificate, email results@aqa.org.uk.

Correct a certificate

If a student's grade has changed since their certificate was printed, you can get a corrected version for free if you send back the original certificate. For all other changes there's a fee of £43 per student.

The school or college must return the certificate. Use recorded delivery to send the incorrect certificate and details of the correction to:

AQA Results
Devas Street
M15 6EX.

You should receive the corrected certificate within 20 working days.

Replace a certificate

We can only provide replacement certificates in exceptional circumstances. See past results and replacement certificates.