Clerical re-check

A clerical re-check of a marked paper will make sure that:

  • we marked all the pages
  • we counted all the marks
  • the result matches the marks on the paper.

Your grade can go down as well as up.


  • £8.70 per unit/component for GCSE, AQA Certificates (except Level 3), ELC, FCSE and Functional Skills.
  • £8.70 per unit/component for AS, A-level and AQA Certificate Level 3 Applied General qualifications.
  • There is no additional fee if you request a copy of the checked paper.

If the overall subject grade changes, we don't charge for it – or any of the units, if it's modular.

If the overall subject award grade stays the same – or the student doesn't aggregate (process of combining the marks or other units of credit awarded through an assessment scheme) – and the qualification is modular:

  • we don't charge if a unit grade changes as a result of a review
  • if two units are reviewed and only one unit grade changes, we'll still charge for the unit where the grade didn't change.

Make a request

You can only request a clerical re-check once for each paper.

  1. Fill in the student written consent form from JCQ's post-results services page and keep it for six months after the outcome of the enquiry or subsequent appeal.
  2. Log in to Centre Services and select ‘Post-exams’ and 'Post-results services'.
  3. Select ‘Clerical re-check’ and either 'Request by candidate’ or ‘Request by component’.
  4. Select ‘Re-check’ or ‘Re-check (Plus reviewed script)' on the submission screen.
Exam seriesRequest deadline
March 2024
9 May 2024
June 2024
26 September 2024

How long it takes

A clerical re-check takes up to 10 calendar days.

What happens next

We’ll email your school/college's exams officer when your clerical re-check outcome is available on Centre Services.

If you requested a copy of the checked script, these can be accessed on the ‘View or cancel requests’ screen on Centre Services. The reasons for review of marking decisions can be found on the copy of checked paper.