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Inside Assessment

Build your assessment literacy and bring out the best in your students.

Our 120 years of assessment expertise is the foundation for everything we do at AQA. We're sharing more of our assessment knowledge with you to help you and your learners succeed.

What you’ll learn

Our Inside Assessment programme is useful for teachers and senior leaders. It covers best practice assessment principles through to their use in individual subjects and specifications.

You’ll find out what good assessment looks like and how to apply it in your everyday practice.

Our programme is made up of training videos and e-learning modules.

It will help you to:

  • enhance your teaching
  • improve your students’ learning and achievements
  • build assessment literacy in your school
  • apply effective assessment practices as part of your curriculum

The videos are ideal for departmental training sessions, with opportunities for activities and discussion.

When you can access it

The training videos and courses are free and on demand, making them easy to fit around the needs of you and your school.

The steps you need to take

There are three parts to the programme. To get the best out of the training, you’ll want to follow the steps in order.

Step 1: What makes good assessment

You'll learn about the general principles of assessment that apply to all subjects.

You'll watch four videos about:

  • Principles of assessment
  • Understanding students’ minds
  • Language in questions
  • Mark schemes
Watch the videos

Step 2: Bringing assessment to life

You’ll hear from our experts about how we design assessments in specific subjects. Watch the video for your subject and find out how you can apply best practice to your teaching.

Watch the video for the subject you teach

Step 3: Mark scheme guidance and application

Our online courses will give you the tools you need to mark with confidence. You’ll learn how to apply mark schemes for specific qualifications.

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