Results statistics

Results statistics show the overall student performance in our exams by specification and grade.

These statistics are published at the same time student results are issued, so they do not take into account any enquiries about results.

National exam results

JCQ publishes statistics showing student performance across all exam boards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

These exam results documents show the overall student performance by specification and grade.

This information is provisional, pending enquiries about results.

Results statistics for June 2020 exams

There are two versions of the documents below, PDF and Excel spreadsheet, so you can download the file type you prefer.

These results statistics reflect Ofqual’s decision that GCSE, AS and A-level students will receive centre assessment grades if they’re higher than their calculated grades.

Our approach has always been to align our general qualifications with our non-general qualifications throughout this summer. This means that any students receiving grades for non-general qualifications this summer will also receive their centre assessment grades if they are higher than their calculated grades.

Results statistics archive

For older results statistics see the results statistics archive.