Carry forward of marks

When a student re-takes a qualification which includes non-examination assessment (NEA) he/she may request a carry forward of the mark/grade for the NEA component.

Students wishing to carry forward marks should be entered as normal using the standard entry codes. You should submit a carry forward request online through e-Subs (or by EDI) rather than an actual mark/grade. This will need to be done by the deadline for submitting marks/grades.

We will locate the mark/grade from the previous attempt and transfer it into the new entry. This will be the final post-moderation mark in the case of internal assessment.

Carry forward doesn't apply to modular qualifications where coursework forms the whole unit (for example Applied General qualifications). Results for modular units are used as necessary when the award is claimed – it is not necessary to re-enter the unit and request a carry forward of marks.

Retain the original UCI

It is important to keep the same UCI that was used for the original attempt, otherwise we will not be able to process the carry forward request.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Our FAQs for schools/colleges covers the basic principles of carry forward, how to request carry forward and a few subject specific rules for the 2018/19 series.

GCSE English Language and A-level science Endorsements

Students can carry forward their endorsement grade, even if they sat the original exam with a different board. We've put together a full list of compatible specifications from all JCQ awarding bodies.

If a student has more than one previous result, the most recent attempt will be carried forward even if it is 'not classified' or not the best attempt.

What can be carried forward?

Please select a qualification to see which subjects allow marks to be carried forward and the associated rules.