Make entries

How to enter students for exams: information on the process, entry systems and estimated entries.

How to make entries

Use either Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or Centre Services to make entries for all qualifications except those listed below.

Please speak to the relevant subject team to make entries for:

Summer 2021 entries codes book

Entry codes book (June 2021)

This codes book was updated in 2020. It lists all entry codes, information and restrictions (version control).

How to avoid entries delays

Entries are often delayed because of some common mistakes made in EDI or Centre Services.

Here are some top tips to avoid delays.

  1. Use the most up-to-date entry codes – see entries codes book above.
  2. Enter a student into one tier only
    • if a teacher hasn’t decided which tier a student should be in, don’t enter them for both tiers as will require a manual review
    • tiers can be changed until 21 April with no additional fees.
  3. Enter a student into one specification if a decision hasn’t been made
    • if a teacher hasn’t provided the specification choices (usually for Science, History, English Literature or Religious studies), enter a student into one specification only
    • you can change this until 21 April with no additional fees.
  4. Enter the correct date format in date of birth (DDMMYY)
    • right –  270301
    • wrong – 27 March 2001, 27 Mar 01, 27012001
    • the day, month and year must only be two digits.
  5. Use full legal names where possible
    • please don’t use shortened names or nicknames
    • the name that is submitted for entries will be printed on the certificate
    • learn more about costs when amending a certificate.
  6. Try to send only one file per week
    • sending multiple files per day or week contributes to creating a backlog
    • update and save a file locally, and send it to us on a day of your choice each week
    • please note that amended files don’t overwrite or amend files you’ve already sent

We can't upload your files to Centre Services until they're correct

We need to manually correct errors before files are uploaded and appear on Centre Services. While we’re fixing these errors, any new files your school or college sends won’t appear on Centre Services.

Be sure to use the latest codes entries book, and follow the top tips to avoid delays.

Other useful documents

Your students’ privacy

Make sure you let your students know that their personal data has been transferred to us for the purposes of examining and awarding: see our privacy policy for more information.