Make entries

How to enter students for exams: information on the process, entry systems and estimated entries.

How to make entries

You can use either EDI or e-AQA to make entries for all qualifications except those listed below, for which you will need to speak to the relevant subject team.

Useful documents

Entry systems

You need to choose one of these two ways to make and amend your entries. Make sure you let your students know that their personal data has been transferred to us for the purposes of examining and awarding: see our privacy policy for more information.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

This is where you download a basedata file – which contains all the information you need to make entries for each student – and send it to us.

Make entries with EDI and basedata


This is our secure extranet, where you can fill in your students' details online.

Make entries with e-AQA