Make entries

Qualifications that don't use EDI or e-AQA

With the qualifications below, you can't make entries through EDI or e-AQA. Follow the links to talk to the subject teams directly.

Make entries using EDI or e-AQA

For other qualifications, you can make entries through either EDI or e-AQA.

The main documents you'll need to make entries are:

Entry systems

You need to choose one of two ways to make and amend your entries:

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): This is where you download a basedata file – which contains all the information you need to make entries for each student – and send it to us. See Make entries with EDI and basedata
  • e-AQA: This is our secure extranet, where you can fill in your students' details online. See Make entries with e-AQA

Make sure you let your students know that their personal data has been transferred to us for the purposes of examining and awarding: see our privacy policy.

If you're a centre outside the UK, you'll also need to send us an overseas timetable declaration by 1 October each academic year.