Priority copy of marked paper (access to scripts)

Usual post-results services are not available for summer 2020 series

We've suspended our usual post-results services for the summer 2020 exams series as exams didn't take place. Post-results services do not apply to centre-assessed grades or rankings.

This is a photocopy of the marked exam paper that you can use to decide whether to request a review of marking or clerical re-check.

Don’t do this if a student’s university place is pending. Go straight to priority review of marking instead.

You can only request this for:

  • AS, A-level
  • GCSE (English Language, English Literature and Maths only)
  • FSMQ
  • Level 3 Tech-level qualifications
  • AQA Certificate Level 3 Applied General qualifications.

Priority copies aren't available for some externally assessed units, but you can request the candidate record form or marking grid instead.

Following Ofqual's decision about post-results, we will provide a priority copy of marked exam papers for GCSE English and Maths for the June 2019 exam series onwards. We will provide a full GCSE priority service from the June 2020 series onwards.


The fee for this service is £14.35

Make a request

To request a copy of a marked paper:

  1. Log in to e-AQA and select ‘Post-results services’
  2. Select Access to scripts
  3. Choose the ‘priority photocopy’ option on the submission screen.
Exam seriesRequest deadline
January 2021 11 March 2021
March 2021 15 April 2021