Late awards

A late award is a grade that we send after results day. Find out how to request late awards and the deadline for each exam series.

If a student has taken all the required units but they are missing an overall subject grade on results day, you can request a late award from us. This is also called 'aggregating' or 'cashing in' the individual units.

Late awards only apply to modular (unitised) qualifications. They don’t apply to linear qualifications, including the new GCSE, AS and A-levels.

Opening and closing dates

You can request a late award as soon as you find out that the student is missing their award – from the Wednesday of results week.

This table shows the last date you can request a late award for each exam series.

Exam seriesQualificationRequest deadline
June 2019 A-level
AS: Level 3 Certificates
Applied General and Technical Level Qualifications
Restricted entry pilot
Functional Skills
FSMQ (Advanced, including pilot)
AQA Baccalaureate
Level 3 Extended Project
AQA Certificates
Projects and Technical Awards
19 September 2019
November 2019 Functional Skills
AQA Certificate
Level 3 Extended Project
13 February 2020
January 2020 Functional Skills
Applied General
2 April 2020
March 2020 Functional Skills
7 May 2020

Request a late award

Make sure that the student has enough unit results to claim the award. Then you can either make the request via EDI, or complete the late awards form in the Secure Key Materials section of e-AQA.

We aim to process all requests received by the deadline within 72 hours. We'll update results on e-AQA to show if a grade has been issued.

This is free until the closing date, after which your request becomes a very late award.

Request a very late award

If you miss the closing date then the process is different, and your request is called a very late award. There is a fee for this, see our Entry fees page for details.

Make sure that the student has enough unit results to claim the award, then take the following steps.

  1. Complete the very late awards form in the Secure Key Materials section of e-AQA. You can't use EDI for very late awards.
  2. If the student has had a certificate previously issued in the same series for other qualifications, send it by recorded delivery to: AQA Entries Department, Devas Street, Manchester, M15 6EX. We can't process the request until we receive the certificate.
  3. Send one copy of the form to:

Once we've processed the request, we'll update e-AQA with the results within five working days, or contact you if the application is declined. We'll send replacement certificates to you in due course.

JCQ rules

There's more information about aggregation (combining units into grades) for A-levels and GCSEs on the JCQ website.