Track requests, receive outcomes and pay

Tracking your request

If you submitted your request online, you can track it in Centre Services under ‘View or cancel requests’.

For original marked papers, the status of your request on Centre Services will always show as 'In progress'. It won't change to 'Completed' until we send the papers.

If you change your mind about a request, let us know straight away. You can cancel requests that show as ‘Submitted’ by going to 'View or cancel requests'. If that doesn't work, we might still be able to cancel it for you – email:

Decisions (outcomes)

We’ll email your school/college's exams officer when the decision (called an outcome) is available on Centre Services.

We’ll give reasons for every mark change. The copy of the reviewed script will contain these details for examined components.

We might split your outcomes over several emails, and you’ll receive one outcome per modular unit.

You might not receive outcomes in the order you expect – for example, non-priority outcomes might arrive before priority outcomes, and a batch request might return to you over the course of two days rather than all on the same day. This is because of variations in volume, demand and complexity.

With modular exams, we’ll give a student a new combined ('aggregate') grade once all the relevant units have been checked/reviewed. If the overall grade changes, each unit outcome will show the new grade, even if not all the individual unit marks changed. Unit grade changes aren’t always enough to change the overall grade.

Please bear in mind that total component marks might not equal subject marks because of scaling. You can find more information about this on our standards over time page.


We’ll send you an invoice when the check/review is complete. Don’t pay in advance.

Invoice dates are:

  • November series: March in the following year
  • January series: June
  • March series: July
  • June series: November.