Find out how to transfer students between schools or colleges and how to transfer credit between exam boards.

Transferred candidates

You can request this when a student needs to sit an exam at a different school or college to the one that entered them because:

  • they've moved house after entries have been made;
  • they've been in hospital; or
  • other exceptional circumstances.


We charge a fee for each request. For details, see our entry fees page.

How to make a request

  1. Make sure the transfer is allowed by checking the JCQ guidance notes for transferred candidates
  2. Make sure the school or college that the student is transferring to is a registered centre with one or more of the JCQ awarding bodies
  3. Applications are made via the JCQ Centre Admin Portal (CAP) on Centre Services
  4. Stage one will be completed by the entering centre.
  5. Stage two will be completed and submitted by the host centre.
  6. We'll send confirmation emails to the entering centre and the host centre.
  7. We'll notify you if the application is declined.

If your request is approved

The student's entry remains with the school or college that entered them. They will keep the original centre number, candidate number and UCI number.

We'll send question papers to the school or college hosting the exam, but results and certificates will be sent to the original school or college. If you want the results to be sent to the host centre, the original centre will need to withdraw the entry so the new centre can submit a new entry.

We cannot guarantee we'll be able to send exam materials in time for the day of exam. In these cases you will need to download question papers from Centre Services

Transfer of credit

You can request a transfer of credit when a student has sat part of a qualification with another exam board.

This service is only available for English Functional Skills qualifications. Please send the request to

We'll email you to tell you whether the transfer of credit is accepted or declined.

Closing dates

You must submit a request as soon as possible and no later than the dates in the table below.

We will not be able to guarantee arrangements if requests are received after the closing dates.

Exam seriesClosing date
November 2023 GCSE 4 October 2023
January 2024 All 4 December 2023
March 2024 Other 7 February 2024
June 2024 All 21 March 2024