Results slips

Find out what you need to know about the results slips that we give to students on results days.

What is a results slip?

On results day, we give students a results slip. This is also known as a Candidate Statement of Provisional Results (CSoPR).

Students will get a separate CSoPR for each qualification type (eg GCSE or A-level).

You can view results slips, for the results that we've issued, on Centre Services

Symbols on results slips

Some of the symbols that you might see on results slips are:

  • No result (X) – a result has not been issued because the student was absent for all parts of the exam, or there has been a decision not to issue a result for another reason.
  • Pending (Q) – a result has not been issued as the marks for one or more components of the exam are not available.
  • Partial absence (#) – the student was absent from one or more exams, but a grade can still be issued based on the exams taken.

Find out more about missing or incomplete results

Endorsements for GCSE English Language spoken language

Results for the GCSE English Language (8700) spoken language endorsement will be reported separately as one of the following:

  • pass
  • merit
  • distinction
  • not classified.

This separate grade will appear on a certificate, but won’t contribute to a student’s 9–1 grade.

Endorsements for A-level sciences practical skills

Results for the A-level Biology, Chemistry and Physics practical skills endorsement will be reported as either:

  • pass
  • not classified.

This separate grade will appear on a certificate but will not count towards the overall grade.

University places

If your A-level students need to know whether they've secured their place at university, see the UCAS results pages. After results day, we update UCAS daily with results files and any changes to grades.

Universities outside the UK

We can confirm results directly with international universities for students who are applying to study abroad. Applications for current summer 2024 results cost £20 per address to cover international delivery through DHL.

The application form for summer 2024 is currently under review and will launch in June 2024. Please check this page for future updates.

For priority dispatch after results days, submit your application to us by 11 August 2024. Applications will be processed in order of receipt.

Please do not use Apple Preview or Chrome PDF Viewer to fill out this form. Use either the desktop version of Adobe Acrobat/Reader or the Adobe Reader mobile app (for iOS or Android). You also need to save your own version (‘Save as’ rather than just ‘Save’).

Exams officers cannot complete this form on behalf of their students.