Past results and lost certificates

We provide a records retrieval service for exams taken with us and our predecessor boards.

If you are an AQA approved centre requesting a replacement certificate or amendment to an original certificate, please see our exam certificates page.

Services we provide

We can’t provide:

  • full replacement certificates
  • results over the telephone or via email due to regulations (GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018) and security.

What you need to know

  • We may not hold your exam results, and you may need to apply to another exam board or boards.
  • It takes up to 4 weeks to process your application.
  • There is no fast track or priority service.
  • There is a non-refundable £43.00 fee for this service.
  • We need photocopies of proof of identity.
  • We can only amend name changes made by deed poll if the deed poll was in place before the day your results were issued.
  • If you wish to see if we hold your results data please read 'Your Rights' section of the Privacy Notice
  • No one else can apply on your behalf.
  • There are currently delays in processing applications for past results from before the year 2000. We're working hard to make sure applications are processed as soon as possible. We're sorry if this causes any inconvenience and would like to thank you for your patience.

How to apply

Step 1 of 4 – Check who may hold your results

Before you apply, check the relevant records information page depending on when you sat your exam(s):

If you're not sure what type of exam you took and when, check our exam year guide.

Step 2 of 4 – Photocopy or scan your proof of identity

If your name hasn’t changed since your exam, we need a photocopy or scan of one of the following:

  • birth certificate
  • current driving licence
  • current passport or ID card.

If your name has changed since your exam, we also need a photocopy or scan of one of the following:

  • marriage certificate
  • deed poll
  • decree absolute and birth certificate.

If your name has changed multiple times since your exam, we will need proof of each name change.

For advice on transgender cases, please contact

Step 3 of 4 – Complete the application form

Download and save a copy of the application form.

Please do not use Apple Preview or Chrome PDF Viewer to fill out this form. Use either the desktop version of Adobe Acrobat/Reader or the Adobe Reader mobile app (for iOS or Android). You also need to save your own version (‘Save as’ rather than just ‘Save’).

Then email the completed form, along with all relevant documentation, to

Step 4 of 4 – Pay by bank transfer

A £43.00 fee covers the search and administration involved. If you ask us to send results overseas by DHL to you or a third party add £20 for each delivery.

We can only accept payment by bank transfer.

Beneficiary AQA
Sort code 600950
Account Number 26165570
IBAN (for international bank transfers) GB18NWBK60095026165570
Bank National Westminster Bank plc
Branch Guildford High Street (A) Branch
Bank Address 151 High Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3AH

Make a note of your:

  • payment reference (please use REC followed by your surname then forename eg. REC SMITH JOHN).
  • date of payment
  • sort code
  • account number.

Please read our Guidance notes if you need further help with completing your application.

Cancellations and refunds

If you need to cancel your application, please let us know in writing. We can only give you a full refund if we receive written notice within five days after we confirm receipt of your application. After this time, we can’t give any refunds as the fee paid covers the administration costs of logging the request and searching for results.

We may cancel your application for the following reasons:

  • we don’t receive the appropriate application fee
  • there are irregularities in the application such as insufficient ID or school information
  • you have not responded to our query within seven working days.

If your application is cancelled, you will need to submit a new application form to retrieve your results.