How to add, change or remove Centre Services administrators

If you need to add, change, or remove an administrator in Centre Services, your head of centre will need to get in touch with us to confirm these changes – this is for security reasons.

What an administrator can do

A Centre Services administrator is the person at your school or college that has admin permissions in Centre Services

They’ll have default access to all services offered through Centre Services.

If you're an administrator, you'll need to agree to manage other user accounts for your centre – this includes creating accounts and giving users access to areas of Centre Services.

Who can be an administrator

A centre can have a maximum of three Centre Services administrators. They should be your exams officer or a member of the exams office staff. Your head of centre can’t be an administrator.

Add or change an administrator

To add or change an administrator, you’ll need to take these steps:

Step 1: register for an account (if required)

If you don’t have a Centre Services account already, you’ll need to register for an account

In section 2 ‘Your details’, you should select the position of ‘Exams officer’ and ‘Yes’ for the option to manage other user accounts.

Step 2: email

Ask your head of centre to email the request to – the subject should be ‘Change of admin’.

In the email, please let us know:

  • your centre number
  • whether you'd like to add or change an admin
  • the name and email address of the new/additional admin – please give the specific person’s school email address, not a generic school email address (eg exams@)
  • the name(s) and email address(es) of any previous admins whose accounts need removing
  • that your new/additional admin has given their consent to manage other centre user accounts.

This email must be sent directly from your head of centre's email address.

We can’t accept:

  • emails from personal assistants, exams officers or any other members of staff
  • emails from non-centre personal email addresses
  • centre letters (attachments or screenshots) of verification in response to security checks.

Step 3: phone call

When we receive all the required information via the email request from your head of centre, we’ll call them so that they can verify this over the phone. You’ll need to make sure that your head of centre is aware of this process.

Please be aware that:

  • the call must be taken by the head of centre on their centre telephone number, not a mobile or direct landline number
  • we can’t accept inbound calls to our Customer Services line.

Change of administrator email address

If you need to update an existing administrator’s Centre Services email address, you’ll need to ask your head of centre to send an email us at

The email should contain:

  • your centre number
  • the full name of the administrator
  • their current Centre Services email address and their new email address.

We’ll also need to complete a verification phone call – please see step 3 above.

Remove an administrator

If you need to remove an administrator, you’ll need to ask your head of centre to email us at

The email should contain:

  • your centre number
  • the full name of the administrator that needs removing and their Centre Services email address.

If you don’t need to add or change an admin, then we won’t need to carry out a verification call.

How long it takes

You’ll receive an initial response to your request within two working days. We must receive both written and verbal verification from your head of centre before we can complete the processing of any request.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call us on 0800 197 7162.