Amendments to original certificates

If your personal information (eg name or date of birth) is incorrect on your certificate, you can ask for an amendment.

We can only amend personal details based on your birth certificate. We are unable to amend name changes made by deed poll after the results of the exam have been issued. For further information please refer to the UK Deed Poll Service.

Learn more about certificate changes for transgender people.


There is a fee of £43 per amendment request. Please follow the payment instructions in Step 4 on our Past results and lost certificates page.

How to apply

To amend your certificate we’ll need:

  • your original certificate
  • a copy of your birth certificate
  • a covering letter specifying the amendments you need, your payment reference, contact details and a return address.

Use recorded delivery to send the documents listed above to:

AQA Results
Devas Street
M15 6EX

Exam centres can ask for amendments to certificates. See our page on exam certificates for more information.

Certificate changes for transgender people

We can provide a replacement certificate free of charge if you have changed your name due to a change in your gender identity. This can be done at any time after you have received your qualification certificate(s).

New certificates can be provided only once, and only when a name has been legally changed.

Omitting school name from certificate

If a school name was generic eg Anytown High School, this would be retained. However, if a school name is gender-specific eg St. Somebody’s School for Girls, this can be removed or a neutral name can be substituted.

We only hold results for exams taken with AQA or one of our predecessor boards. If you have certificates from Edexcel or OCR, you'll need to contact them directly.

How to apply

In order to issue you with new certificates, we need to view:

  • copy of the deed poll document – showing previous and current name
  • copy of ID in the new name – current passport, current driving licence, or new birth certificate.
  • copy of your certificate – please don’t post any certificates until requested
  • your address – where to send the replacement certificates.

Please send the above information to

We aim to provide your replacement certificate within 20 working days.