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Information on our entry fees and other charges.

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Fees for summer 2024

Our aim is always to keep our prices fair and competitive. We understand that no one wants to see prices increase – but like many other organisations we’re experiencing a rise in the cost of providing our services.

We know that schools and colleges are always under financial pressure, so we never charge more than we need to for our qualifications and services.

For most of our qualifications, we’ve increased the entry fees well below the rate of inflation at the time of publishing our fees.

Entry fees for some of our qualifications have increased above inflation. This is so they better reflect the market and the true costs of delivering these qualifications. By taking this approach, we can continue to:

  • offer the widest range of qualifications
  • invest in our qualifications
  • improve our support services.

Where the money goes

We provide market-leading qualifications and first-class support services that are excellent value for money.

As an education charity, we reinvest entry fees back into education – into creating and delivering rigorous and fair assessment, and our world class research and expertise to help define the future of assessment.

We work hard to manage our costs, because being careful with our money means we can offer as wide a choice of subjects as possible – along with comprehensive support and training packages for teachers – now and in the future. It also means we’re able to subsidise some of our qualifications, and offer the majority of our customer training events for free.

As well as paying for our assessment services, exam fees enable us to invest in the quality of our examining teams, to offer a comprehensive training package for teachers, and to provide additional support services including:

  • our subject and curriculum experts
  • subject resources (Plan, Teach, Assess)
  • Enhanced Results Analysis tool (ERA)
  • dedicated support and advice on non-exam assessment (NEA).

Our fees mean we can invest in the future

We reinvest entry fees into continuously improving and delivering high quality qualifications and assessments. We’ve been investing in our support services over the last year and still have more work planned for the next few years to make sure we’re continuing to meet the needs of our schools and colleges.

Income from fees enables us to invest in our technology and develop a secure, modern, cloud-based platform, which will help protect both us and our customers from the growing cyber threat. It also means we can invest in the future of assessment, including our new on-screen assessment research and development work.

We also deliver charitable activities including cutting-edge assessment research that benefits the whole education system, and the AQA Unlocking Potential programme, which helps develop and inspire young people facing significant challenges in life.