Entry fees

Information on our entry fees and other charges.

2019/20 entry fees

As an education charity, we've no wish to gain financially from this summer’s exceptional circumstances. Once we know the final cost of getting students their grades we’ll pass any savings on to schools.

Our entry fees and other charges are listed in these documents.

Where the money goes

We provide market-leading specifications and first class support services that are excellent value for money.

As an independent charity, any income we make gets invested back into qualifications and assessment. This enables us to offer a broad range of qualifications and to protect the integrity and security of our assessments. It also funds other educational services, such as assessment research that benefits teachers and students.

As well as paying for our assessment services, exam fees enable us to invest in the quality of our examining teams, and to offer a comprehensive support and training package for teachers, including:

  • our subject and curriculum experts
  • subject resources (Plan, Teach, Assess)
  • Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA)
  • dedicated support and advice on non-exam assessment (NEA)

We work hard to manage our operational costs because being careful with our money means we can help more students go further, and because of this we are able to subsidise some of our lower volume qualifications. This also means we don’t charge more than we need to for our qualifications and services, and we offer a fixed price list so all schools and colleges pay the same.

We know that schools continue to face budgetary challenges. Our overall aim is to keep our prices competitive, while taking account of the changes to the exam system and regulation which are leading to increased costs.

As a result, for 2019/20 we’ve applied a flat fee increase across all our qualifications. This means fees for some subjects are still higher than others, eg for subjects with comparatively low entry levels or higher delivery costs. This approach helps us to offer schools and colleges as wide a choice of subjects as possible.

It also secures the future of our qualifications by enabling us to invest in in our technology capability so it’s supported by a strong, modern, cloud-based platform, which will help protect both us and our customers from the growing cyber threat. As well as ensuring our systems are robust and efficient, this will enable us to continuously improve our processes, respond to customer needs and provide a platform on which we can build the next generation of technology-enabled assessments.

Post-results services fees

To make sure our post-results services are accessible for all schools and colleges, our prices for our post-results services will remain unchanged for the second year running. See the post-results services page for information on fees.