Submit PE spreadsheets

Guidance for schools and colleges on how to submit marks for Physical Education (PE). 

You can't use Centre Marks Submission or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to submit marks for GCSE and A-level PE. You need to use the spreadsheets available from the 'Resources' section on Centre Services.

How to submit PE spreadsheets

  • Download the appropriate PE spreadsheet from the 'Resources' section of Centre Services.
  • Fill in your centre-assessed marks to submit to us and to the moderator, using our non-exam assessment moderation guide.
  • You must submit final, centre-assessed marks for the practical performance, and analysis and evaluation, at least two weeks before your moderator visit.
  • The moderator will select a single sample of students for each qualification, which will be for both the practical performance and performance analysis elements.
  • Moderation visits take place between 1 March and 31 May.