Submit PE spreadsheets

Guidance for schools and colleges on how to submit marks for Physical Education (PE). 

You can't use Centre Marks Submission (e-Subs) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to submit marks for GCSE and A-level PE. You need to use the spreadsheets available from e-AQA.

How to submit PE spreadsheets

  • Download the appropriate PE spreadsheet from the qualifications section of Secure Key Materials (SKM) on e-AQA.
  • Fill in your centre-assessed marks to submit to us and to the moderator, using our non-exam assessment moderation guide.
  • You must submit final, centre-assessed marks for the practical performance, and analysis and evaluation, at least two weeks before your moderator visit.
  • The moderator will select a single sample of students for each qualification, which will be for both the practical performance and performance analysis elements.
  • Moderation visits take place between 1 March and 31 May.