Post-results services

If you're unhappy about an exam result, you can ask us for a clerical re-check or review of marking ('reviews of results'), or we can send you the marked paper ('access to scripts').

What’s available

  1. If the student has a university place pending, we advise that you request a priority review of marking (summer series only).
  2. If the student doesn’t have a university place pending, you can request a:
    1. priority copy of the marked paper to decide if you want a clerical re-check or review of marking
    2. clerical re-check for an individual student or a whole class
    3. review of marking
    4. moderation review for controlled assessment or coursework in a whole subject.

If you’re not planning a clerical re-check, review of marking or appeal, you can also ask us to send you an original marked paper to support teaching and learning.

We’ve created a quick guide of the information above, to help you decide which post-results service is right for you. JCQ’s post-results services page also has further information on what's available.

If you're a private candidate we recommend you speak to the exams officer at your school/college in the first instance. See our private candidate page for more information.

Service request deadlines

Exam series


Fees for the 2019/20 exam series are listed in this document: 2020 post-results services fees.

Fees are also detailed on the individual service pages.


In summer 2019 schools and colleges in England have a second opportunity to challenge results in all GCSE subjects if they continue to have concerns about marking or moderation following appropriate marking review services. This is in addition to the existing right to appeal results on procedural grounds.

This change follows decision to roll out appeals against the reasonableness of the application of the mark scheme in a pilot for three A-level subjects in summer 2016, all AS and A-level subjects in 2017 and a pilot for GCSE English, English Literature and Mathematics in Summer 2018.

See our appeals page for full details on the process.

Changes to marking reviews

In 2016, Ofqual announced changes to marking reviews. In February 2017, they announced further decisions affecting all services from the June 2017 exam series onwards.

Changes to review of marking outcome letters

From summer 2020, it is an Ofqual requirement for exam boards to give the reasons for every mark change.

For November 2019 reviews, you’ll start to see changes in your outcome letters. If there has been a mark change, we’ll give the reason at component level with a comment on why the mark has changed. Schools will then be able to see reviewer comments on each outcome letter cover sheet. For moderated components, we’ll continue to provide reviewer comments in your centre feedback form.

We’re working to roll out the changes across all examined and moderated components in the next few months. We might not be able to include all components in the January and March series, but we’ll have all changes in place by summer 2020.

No grade protection with review of marking

Grade protection does not apply to any of our post-review services that include a review of marking. This means that students’ marks and subject grades may be lowered, confirmed or raised as a result. This does not apply to moderation reviews. You must seek students’ consent before submitting a request.