Missing results

If you're an exams officer who needs to contact us about results, call 0800 197 7162 (+44 161 696 5995 from outside the UK), or email eos@aqa.org.uk.

Students: we can't give you your results directly, or discuss individual results with you. Please talk to your school or college instead.

To solve the problem quickly, make sure you include:

  • your centre number and name
  • your phone number and address
  • the qualification (eg A-level), subject, and component name and code
  • candidate name and number
  • what the problem is (result is missing, incomplete, or unexpectedly one of the symbols below)
  • any seating plans or attendance lists you have that might help.

We'll look into it and let you know the outcome. We'll also update results on e-AQA within 24 hours, and tell UCAS if applicable.

We'll deal with results day enquiries as quickly as possible. We'll prioritise issues where a university place depends on the outcome, or where we're responsible for the problem. Please help us by contacting us as soon as you can.

Symbols for missing results

  • No result (X) indicates a result is not being issued because the student was absent for all parts of the exam, or because of a decision not to issue a result for another reason.
  • Pending (Q) indicates that no result has been issued as the marks for one or more components of the exam are not available.
  • # indicates that the student was absent for part of the exam in the subject and awarded a zero mark for this part.
  • + indicates that the student was exempt from part of the assessment.

EDI problems

Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI) numbers don't match

To correct a duplicate UCI number:

  1. make a back-up first
  2. change the UCI in the file so it matches the UCI on your system.

Unique Learner Number (ULN) is wrong

To fix a ULN error that occurs while you're importing the results file:

  1. write down the candidate details and ULN from the error message
  2. in your Management Information System (MIS), enter the ULN against the candidate details
  3. re-import the results file.