Send student samples

Guidance for schools and colleges on sending students’ non-exam assessment (NEA) work samples to the moderator.

Whichever method you choose to submit marks, for most subjects you will still need to send student work samples to your allocated moderator by post.

What we’ll send to you

If your component is available on e-Subs (accessed via e-AQA), we’ll send you AQA-branded sacks. We won’t send you paper mark forms or printed moderator labels, as everything else you need will be in e-Subs.

What you need to send to us

  • Send us your students' samples as soon as possible, at the very latest within five days of:
    • the submission deadline
    • receiving the sample notification from your moderator (for subjects excluded from e-Subs).
  • Include a copy of the centre mark form (where applicable for your subject).
  • Include a signed candidate record form for each student.
  • Include a signed centre declaration sheet for each component.
  • Use standard post (do not use a service that requires a signature from the recipient).
  • Keep a record of all items you send.
  • Follow the encrypted media guidance for relevant student samples (subjects that need to be encrypted are Dance, Drama, Physical Education, Media Studies and Tech Awards).

Visiting moderation

We’ll send separate instructions about arrangements for visiting moderation to the subject teachers at your school or college.

NEA, fieldwork and live performance centre declaration form

For summer 2021, if you’re entering students for one or more of the following subjects, you also need to send an NEA, fieldwork and live performance centre declaration form to us by email at: The form must be signed by your head of centre.

  • GCSE English (8700)
  • GCSE Citizenship Studies (8100)
  • GCSE Drama (8261)
  • AS and A-level Drama (7261, 7262)
  • A-level Biology (7402), Chemistry (7405), Physics (7408)