AEB M Level Certificate explanation of results

Standard of the exam

The M Level exam is conducted on behalf of the Rhodesia Ministry of Education by the Associated Examining Board, London. A subject pass in this exam is the equivalent of a pass in the Matriculation Examination of the Joint Matriculation Board of the Universities of South Africa. The exam is taken at the end of a five-year course of secondary education.

Mark ranges in the M Level exam are denoted by the grades 1-9 as follows:

  1. 70+
  2. 65-69
  3. 60-64
  4. 55-59
  5. 50-54
  6. 45-49 (Pass)
  7. 42-44 (Fail)
  8. 35-41 (Fail)
  9. 0-34 (Fail)