Submit marks online

Guidance for schools and colleges on submitting centre-assessed marks and grades online.

Submit internally assessed marks online using Centre Marks Submission (CMS) on Centre Services, or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In addition to submitting marks, you still need to send us your students' work.

Check the deadlines table to see when CMS opens for each series, and when marks must be submitted by.

See this document for detailed instructions on how to submit marks online:

Qualifications not available on CMS or EDI

  • GCSE Physical Education
  • A-level Physical Education

For these qualifications, you need to use the spreadsheets available from the 'Resources' section on Centre Services.

How to submit marks with CMS

Use CMS to submit internally assessed marks and grades to us directly for most components. To access CMS, you need to log in to Centre Services.

How to submit marks with EDI

Use EDI to submit marks as a digital file in a specific data format.

You can still choose to submit marks as an EDI file, even if CMS is available for your subject. In this case, you don’t need to send EDI print-outs to your moderator.

How EDI works

  • Marks will automatically transfer into CMS, usually within 48 hours of us receiving your mark file.
  • Once every student entered has a mark or special status, you'll be able to log in to CMS to view the sample selection.
  • CMS automatically calculates the sample and displays your allocated moderator.

EDI help documents