Send scripts for marking

Instructions for exam officers on how to send us students' question papers after the exams.

If you're sending marks and samples for non-exam assessment (NEA), see submit marks instead.

Before the exam

We'll send you:

  • white AQA-branded plastic sacks for you to put your scripts in
  • blank yellow or white labels to print your exam labels on
  • pre-printed exam labels, where relevant
  • attendance registers.

If you need extra sacks or blank labels, order extra stationery.

To make sure your label information is up-to-date, we'll send you exam day labels by post or email up to 24 hours before the exam. If you haven’t received your labels the day before the exam, or if you need more, please use our exam labels form. For late entries, these may take a little longer. Please don't photocopy labels as they have a unique tracking code and your parcels might get lost.

1. Put scripts in dispatch sack

Place the scripts and attendance register in the sack.

On the front of the sack, in the bottom left-hand corner, please record how many scripts are included in the sack. You don’t need to fill in any other boxes on the sack.

If any scripts are missing because a student was absent or transferred, mark them as 'abs' or 'T' on the attendance register. If there are no scripts at all, you still need to send us the register using the label you received.

Use treasury tags for any loose additional pages and forms, such as scribe cover sheets, and place them behind the front cover of the student’s answer booklet. Don't use paper clips or staples.

2. Attach address label

When you print your label, make sure the whole barcode is showing. Stick the whole label on the sack. If we send you any self-addressed envelopes, you still need to attach the printed label.

Types of label

If your school or college is in England, you'll receive one or both of these label types.

Yellow labels with a barcode and the Parcelforce logo in the middle.
Sample yellow address label

White labels with a bar code on the left, for any qualifications not covered by the DfE's yellow label service.
Sample white label

If your school or college is outside England, you’ll receive white labels with a bar code on the left for all qualifications.

3. Add to the dispatch log sheet

We'll send you dispatch log sheets by email in advance (usually 24 hours before the exam), but DfE's dispatch of exam scripts page has a blank dispatch log if you need one.

4. Send your package

Double-check that you have:

  • added the script count to the bottom left-hand corner
  • included the attendance register
  • used the correct labels and dispatch sack.

For yellow label packages, call Parcelforce on 0344 561 7998 to book a collection. This is a dedicated service and a contract number isn’t required. Keep a dispatch log in school for tracking.

For white label packages we recommend using a tracking service, or if you use first class post then make sure you keep proof of postage. Put both the white label and your chosen courier label on the sack.

What happens next

If you’re not able to send your scripts on the day of the exam, please make sure they are kept secure and arrange for them to be dispatched as soon as possible.

Once you’ve sent your scripts you don’t need to contact us. We’ll send you an email alert if we haven’t received your scripts within two to five days of the exam, or within two weeks if you’re sending from overseas.