Face-to-face teacher standardisation

Face-to-face standardisation is only available for the subjects listed in the table below.

For all other subjects with internally assessed non-exam assessment (NEA), you can use teacher online standardisation (T-OLS). Teacher standardisation is available if you've received significantly adjusted marks, if you’re new to AQA or are teaching a specification for the first time, or if you're a newly qualified teacher.

For face-to-face standardisation you can only send one attendee from your school or college per series, to help give everyone fair access. This is except for Art and Design events, where you can send two attendees per series, and different delegates to A-level and GCSE events.

To book your place:

  1. Check that face-to-face standardisation is available for your subject in the table below.
  2. Find a convenient event location and book your place.

Materials are published at the end of the series of events on the Secure Key Materials (SKM) area on e-AQA (except for Art and Design where the materials are published after the first event in the series).

Subjects with face-to-face standardisation

QualificationSubjectComponentCodeEvent dates
ASArt and DesignAll titles and components7241 – 7246December to March
A-levelArt and DesignAll titles and components7201 – 7206December to March
GCSEArt and DesignAll titles and components8201 – 8206December to March
GCSEMusic2 and 38271January
ProjectLevel 1 Foundation
(January exam series)
ProjectLevel 2 Higher
(January exam series)
ProjectLevel 1 Foundation
(June exam series)
ProjectLevel 2 Higher
(June exam series)
ProjectLevel 3 Extended 
(November exam series) 
-7993September to October
Project Level 3 Extended 
(June exam series)
-7993January to March

Contact us

Email us at events@aqa.org.uk. Please include your qualification level, subject and event reference code in the email subject field (eg, GCSE Art and Design ARTGSF1).