Teacher online standardisation (T-OLS)

For most subjects, you'll need to standardise through our T-OLS system, which is part of our secure extranet e-AQA.

In T-OLS, you can see sample work that's been marked by the principal moderator, then mark it yourself to get instant feedback on how you compare to the standard.

To access T-OLS:

  1. check that T-OLS is available for your subject using the drop down below
  2. log in to e-AQA (if you don't have a login, see our e-AQA help page)
  3. select Teacher Services > Teacher Online Standardisation from the list of services
  4. select your Level > Subject > Component in the online standardisation system.

Once you're in, you can get help on what to do next from our step-by-step guide to T-OLS. If you're not sure why a particular mark was given, you can contact your Coursework Adviser for help. Their contact details will be on the subject welcome page in T-OLS, or available from your subject team.

Subjects available on T-OLS

The drop down menu below lists subjects available on T-OLS for 2019/20. Last updated on 22 July 2019.

Contact us

Email us at teacherstandardisation@aqa.org.uk. To help us help you, include your qualification and subject in the email subject field (eg GCSE Design and Technology).