Teacher online standardisation (T-OLS)

For most subjects, you will need to standardise non-exam assessment work through our T-OLS system on Centre Services.

T-OLS is available at any time and can be accessed by all teachers in a department. You can see sample work that's been marked by the lead moderator, then mark it yourself to get instant feedback on how you compare to the standard.

How to access and use T-OLS

  1. Check that T-OLS is available for your subject using the drop-down below.
  2. Log in to Centre Services (if you don't have a login, see our Centre Services help page)
  3. Select Pre-exams tab, then Teacher Online Standardisation from the list of services (this will take you to the e-AQA log on page until mid-September).
  4. Select Level > Subject > Component in the online standardisation system, then familiarise yourself with the information.
  5. Select View Assessment Criteria to study the assessment criteria, then move on to view examples and moderator’s comments explaining each one (where available).
  6. Mark a sample piece of work – recording your marks and notes on the mark sheet as you go – and then submit for instant feedback.
  7. Study your feedback and compare your marks to the lead moderator’s. Repeat for all the available pieces of work.
  8. You can then share and discuss the feedback with your department.

Contact your NEA advisor if you have any questions. Contact us if you need your NEA advisor details.

Check whether T-OLS is available for your subject

This drop-down lists subjects available on T-OLS for 2021/22. Last updated on 04 August 2021.

Contact us

Email: teacherstandardisation@aqa.org.uk

Please include your qualification level and subject in the email subject field (eg, GCSE Design and Technology).