Moderation review (service 3)

When we review the moderation of a coursework or controlled assessment mark, we’ll check to make sure the assessment criteria were applied fairly, reliably and consistently.

It’s only available for whole subjects, not individual students. Private candidates can request it, but only for certain specifications and when the work has been assessed by a moderator.


These are the fees for the November 2018 to June 2019 series.

The review is free if your school’s original marks are re-instated. Otherwise, we charge a fee regardless of whether the marks changed.

For five or fewer students, the fee is halved.

  • £225.80 per unit/component for GCSE, AQA Certificates (except Level 3), ELC, FCSE, Functional Skills, FSMQ foundation and higher, Level 1 and Level 2 projects
  • £251.60 per unit/component for AS, A-level, FSMQ advanced level, Level 3 Extended project and AQA Certificate Level 3 Applied General qualifications.

Make a request

You can only request a review for work that has been kept in secure conditions and not returned to students.

  1. Log in to e-AQA and select ‘Post-results services’.
  2. Select Service 3.

For Dance and Drama, we’ll need audio or video of the assessed performance. Fill in the student written consent form included in the appendix of the post-results services document available from JCQ's post-results services page. Keep the form for six months after the outcome of the enquiry or subsequent appeal.


Exam seriesRequest deadline
June 2019 19 September 2019

How long it takes

A moderation review takes up to 35 calendar days from when the moderator receives the original sample from your school or college.

What happens next

We’ll email your school or college's main administrator when your moderation review outcome is available on e-AQA.

We'll send a feedback form to the school or college on results day, as well as if your mark changes significantly after a moderation review. There'll be information about this in the outcome.