Centre marks submission (CMS)

Find out how to use the centre marks submission in Centre Services to upload and submit non-exam assessment (NEA) sample files to us.

Log in to Centre Services to access CMS

  1. Log in to Centre Services
  2. Go to the Exams tab in the menu.
  3. Then Centre marks submission > Dashboard.

How to submit NEA files via CMS

What you need to use it for

You'll need to use the CMS area in Centre Services to submit NEA sample files for the following components:

  • A-level Computer Science (7517/C)
  • A-level Drama and Theatre component 2: creating original drama (7262/C)
  • A-level Media Studies (7572/C)
  • Functional Skills English Level 1 Speaking (8720S)
  • Functional Skills English Level 2 Speaking (8725S)
  • GCSE Dance (8236/C)
  • GCSE Drama component 2: devising drama (8261/C)
  • GCSE English Spoken Language (8700/C)
  • GCSE Media Studies (8572/C)
  • GCSE Music performing music (8271/P) and composing music (8271/C)

This means that, for these components:

  • You'll no longer need to send us NEA files on a CD or memory stick.
  • We won’t be making script packet dispatch labels available on Centre Services.
  • All NEA files and supporting documents (eg candidate record forms, attendance registers, music scores) will need to be sent to us using the CMS in Centre Services.

When you need to submit files

You’ll need to submit your NEA samples within three working days after you’ve submitted your marks/grades.

You can find out when you need to submit your marks to us by checking our submit marks page. You can also use our NEA deadlines finder.

Contact us

Exams officers can contact our customer services team by: