Before results day

For exams officers: things to do to prepare you for student results.

Check you can access e-AQA

e-AQA is one of the ways you can see results from restricted release day. It's the only place you can access our results e-documents, and any late changes or amendments to results on Thursday.

Our e-AQA page has information about how to register, log in, or retrieve a password.

Make sure that teachers register for Enhanced Results Analysis (ERA), which is part of e-AQA. It lets you review and analyse the performance of your students, subjects and school. You can also access individual component results for the new linear specifications.

Check you can receive results via EDI (A2C)

Check you've got the latest version of Avco's migration application installed. Avco's FAQ page has more help.

Final entry checks

Make sure you've checked all your entries before results day.