Certificate changes for transgender people

If you have changed your gender identity, you can ask us to make changes to your exam certificate.

What we can amend

We only hold results for exams taken with us or one of our predecessor boards. If you have certificates from another exam board, you'll need to contact them directly.

Your name

If you have legally changed your name due to a change in your gender identity, we can provide a replacement certificate free of charge. This can be done at any time after you have received your qualification certificate(s).

New certificates can be provided only once, and only when a name has been legally changed.

School or college name

If your school or college name is generic (eg Anytown High School), this will be kept. However, if a school or college name is gender-specific (eg St. Somebody’s School for Girls), this can be removed or a neutral name can be used instead.


There's no charge for this service.

How to apply

In order to issue you with new certificates, we’ll need a copy of:

  • the deed poll document – showing your previous and current name
  • ID in your new name (eg current passport, driving licence or new birth certificate)
  • your exam certificate – please don’t post any original certificates until we ask you to
  • your address, including postcode – this is where we’ll send the replacement certificates.

You’ll need to send these to personalidentity@aqa.org.uk

How long it will take

We aim to send you your replacement certificate within 20 working days.