Switching to AQA

Ask the right questions to find out if we are the right exam board for you

Join English teacher, Lisa Ford, for a quick video tour of our website and resources.

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You might be wondering how to switch to AQA, where to get help or where to find everything you need.

Switching made easy

We understand that change can feel uncomfortable. If you're thinking of becoming part of the largest teacher community around then we're here to show you just how easy that could be.

Whether it's help when you're making a decision, getting in touch with us to get set up, or taking advantage of our expertise and support, we can provide the answers and help you get started.

Don't just take our word for it, read what other teachers had to say in our switching stories.

Get started

  1. Let us know you're interested (it’ll only take you two minutes) and we'll give you an informal call to talk through the switching process.
  2. Find out about all our services and support – including the range of AQA-approved textbooks and the great discounts on offer.
  3. Explore our range of events.
  4. Download 'the how and why of switching' – a customisable resource to help you pitch switching to peers and parents.