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Building quality into the assessment process


AQA regularly hosts an event at the main political party conferences. These are held with a view to building relationships with important stakeholders in the education sector and to develop understanding of our role and expertise, particularly in the field of research.

CERP had a presence at the 2015 Labour and Conservative conferences, held in Brighton and Manchester respectively. Discussions covered the nature of quality in assessments and assessment systems; how societal judgements regarding what is valuable, and hence what is valid, evolve over time; the interaction of assessment and accountability systems; and the role of awarding organisations in education policy.

Attendees included MPs from the Education Select Committee and leaders from teaching unions, think tanks, teaching development organisations and local educational institutions.

The attached document was produced to provide an overview of the assessment process, and to illustrate how research evidence informs question paper and mark scheme design, marking, awarding and innovation in assessment.


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