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Assessment design and development

Discover our approach to designing and delivering fair and reliable assessments

The right assessments give you accurate and useful information about the learner population and national performance. Our expertise is in designing assessments that have a clear purpose, and reliably measure the right things in the right way.

From  formative tests to national summative exams, from academic to professional, it’s important to use the right assessment to measure what you want learners to be able to do. Different assessments deliver different insights and knowing which one is right for your curriculum and the outcomes you want to review is key.

Every year, over 1 million students take AQA exams

1,000,000 students

10,000 questions

900 exams

1,000 examiners

Our services

We provide a complete, end-to-end assessment service that covers everything from designing different types of assessment to awarding grades and outcomes. Our teams work collaboratively to create standards, develop qualifications and assessments, design curriculums and train teachers for delivery.

Summative assessment

Curriculum-based summative assessments that test knowledge and skills to a depth and breadth appropriate to age and ability, supporting progression and reliably evidencing standards of attainment.

Project-based assessment

Project-based assessment that develop independent research skills and test and evidence the ability to analyse and synthesise complex information.

On-screen tests

Adaptive, on-screen tests that can be used summatively or to support learning and measure learner progress over time.

Vocational assessment

Based on the continuous collection of real-world evidence and skills-based assessment, ensuring a learner is performing at the standard required for employment in their chosen field.

Formative assessment

To give learners immediate feedback on their learning and give the teacher rich data about class progress, enabling them to support their students on their individual learning journeys.

Benefits of working with us

By working with AQA Global Assessment Services, you’ll have access to our range of knowledge and products.

AlphaPlus are recognised around the world for excellence in the design, development and deployment of assessments that unlock learner potential. Including national on-screen adaptive statutory assessments for schools, formative assessments, professional assessments, national certification programmes, as well as apprenticeships and work-based learning.

GradeMaker is a unique, test authoring and item banking technology that enables exam publishers to produce large volumes of tests and improve quality, efficiency and security. This cutting-edge technology supports every step from first draft to final published text, in print or on-screen, and results and analysis.

Doublestruck assessment technology addresses the needs of teachers in formative assessment and reporting, with Testbase and Exampro question banks that have been used in primary and secondary schools in the UK for over 20 years.

AQA on-screen assessment: in 2022, we partnered with three leading global companies to pilot on-screen exams.

We’re working with schools, the regulator and government to ensure the transition to digital assessment positively benefits teachers and learners while maintaining standards. We have a full programme of research on our trials to inform stakeholders as we work towards making digital assessment at scale a reality.

Case study: Botswana Examinations Council (BEC)

Find out how we worked with the Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) to improve the security and efficiency of its assessment design process.

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