Reducing human error in marking is vital to help ensure fair assessment.

We have a rich history of leveraging new technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), to continuously improve the assessment process.

We understand the importance and value of delivering, marking and certifying exams on a large scale, in short timescales, with reliability, quality and accuracy. We share this expertise and proven technology with our clients worldwide for the benefit of learners everywhere.

Every year we:

Award almost four million GCSEs and A-levels

Mark over 11 million exam papers

Scan nearly four million sheets each day during marking

Our services

With our services, technology and expert teams, your assessments are delivered accurately and efficiently.

eMarker® technology

e-Marker® manages the entire marking process, keeping you informed at every step, with quality controls in real time. e-Marker® improves:

  • Quality: Marking reliability and validity are improved with automated quality control and quality methodologies: sampling, double-marking and seeding.
  • Efficiency: Automation of previously manual tasks, including online standardisation, script retrieval, and publishing marked scripts.
  • Security: Features including anonymity and allocation of markers, reduce opportunities for malpractice and increase security.
  • Speed: Turnaround times are improved as time spent remarking and reallocating scripts is reduced.
  • Cost: Savings are achieved with reductions in marker workload, number of checkers, and logistics.
  • Management: Real time, accurate data and reports enable informed decision making and immediate actions.

How it works

With e-Marker® you can choose to enter marks on-screen, mark whole scanned scripts on-screen, or to mark individual scanned items on-screen.

e-Marker® mark entry portal

Exam papers sent to examiners.

  • Marked on paper script and marks entered online
  • Candidate details can be seen
  • Web browser interface
  • Early registration informs Admin
  • Marker Standardisation
  • Manages complicated rubrics
  • Ideal for audio and video media
e-Marker2® whole script

Papers scanned and marked on-screen.

  • Whole script marked from scanned images on-screen
  • No candidate details shown
  • Simple transition for markers
  • Marker Standardisation
  • Quality controls while marking
  • Review of results
e-Marker® item level

Papers scanned and marked on-screen.

  • Marked on-screen at item level from scanned images on-screen
  • Different markers mark each item on candidate scripts
  • Simple transition for markers
  • No candidate details shown
  • Marker Standardisation
  • Speed and accuracy improved
  • Quality controls while marking
  • Review of results

Case study: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada (JNTU-K)

Find out how India’s technical university JNTU-K used e-Marker® technology to automate its exam marking process.

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