Managing large-scale, high-stakes exams is a complex process, filled with potential risks. Learners around the world still rely on manual processes to deliver exam results that are the basis of their future.

At AQA we are passionate about elevating the quality and accuracy of assessment. We have a long history of pioneering new technology and our proprietary exam processing platform incorporates our 120 years of expertise in delivering assessments.

This new suite of technologies enables us to implement best practice, on a large scale, at each stage of the assessment lifecycle.

Increasing reliability and efficiency

Every year we deliver nearly 4 million results

Manage millions of marks for over 1.1 million students

In 6,500 UK schools

Our fundamental purpose is to accurately and reliably process those marks, to ensure that learners get the right results.

To protect and enhance the security of our exam processing, we have made major investments in our technology. We now have the world-leading, fully modular, cloud-based exam processing system. It delivers the scale, resilience and security demanded by the UK exam system – for our regulator, for teachers and, most importantly, for learners.

By building on these solutions, other awarding organisations can gain similar benefits in quality management, accuracy, reliability and the ability to manage the exam process with real-time information.

AQA’s exam processing technology

Our new exam processing platform is a major investment in best-in-class technology. It manages all stages of exam processing from receiving exam entries to recruiting examiners, from processing marks to delivering results.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure capabilities, it has been designed to meet the UK’s ‘gold-standard’ regulatory requirements and is fully scalable.


  • Product management
  • Order management
  • Candidate registration
  • Centre management
  • Examiner management
  • Supply chain management
  • Marking management
  • Results management
  • Financial management

"We’re here to make sure everybody gets the right result, in the right way, on time, and they’re able to move on to the next stage of their working or educational lives."

Colin Hughes, Chief Executive Officer at AQA

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