MFL exams 2020: updates and guidance for conducting the exams

Friday 22 Nov 2019

All schools and colleges preparing students for our languages exams in summer 2020 must download and read the MFL Instructions for the Conduct of the June 2020 Exams (ICE) guidance.

A copy of this instructions booklet must be available in every room where MFL exams are taking place in summer. Detailed guidance on important aspects of the exams is provided in the booklet, including key information around security of the exam. The ICE booklets can be found on our qualifications pages.

AS and A-level French, German, Spanish visiting examiner option

Schools and colleges entering students for AS and A-level French, German and Spanish non-exam assessment (NEA) visiting examiner conducted speaking test option must provide an appropriate adult to be present in the test room for all students to meet the requirements of our Child Protection Policy. The appropriate adult must not be:

  • the student’s subject teacher
  • a fellow student
  • a relative of the student – unless they are a private candidate.

The appropriate adult must be present in the test room. It is not acceptable for the appropriate adult to view the test room through a glass panel/window. If a school or college does not provide an appropriate adult, it will not be possible for the visiting examiner to conduct the tests.