AQA acquires Blutick to provide AI-enabled maths teaching, learning and assessment support to teachers and learners

Published: Tuesday 8 Nov 2022

AQA has acquired AI platform Blutick which supports the teaching, learning and assessment of Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level Maths.

Blutick has developed an innovative teaching and learning app and online mock tests for mathematics students in the UK.

The AI-driven app features functionality that guides students through mathematical concepts, reviewing and correcting their workings and responses to maths questions in real-time. Students are also supported with access to worked examples and video tutorials, as well as exam practice material. Key features include live student monitoring, auto marked tests and line-by-line analysis of typed answers.

The app is designed to reduce teacher workload and deliver meaningful reports on student progress and attainment.

We’ll provide the app and online mocks to schools and colleges, and they won’t be charged separately for these resources. AQA will continue to power the app with new question items and enhanced functionality.

Blutick will be a standalone subsidiary of Doublestruck, part of the AQA Group, whose formative assessment tools Exampro and Testbase are already widely known and used in schools and colleges.

Colin Hughes, AQA’s Chief Executive, said:

“AQA’s charitable purpose is to advance learning and teaching by providing the best possible educational assessment.

“The app and mocks we’ll be providing to our schools and colleges will have a hugely positive impact on teacher workload, and help prepare students for the digital assessments of the future, which we know will only be a matter of time.

“These new resources will enhance AQA’s role in assessment for learning and will help progress our digital assessment capability alongside the major on-screen assessment pilot we launched at the start of the year.”

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