AQA looks to the future of assessment with AQi

Published: Monday 4 Oct 2021

We’ve launched AQi: an exciting new online hub for insight, data and new thinking on the future of assessment and qualifications.

AQi’s mission is to inform, stimulate and provide a neutral platform for debate, bringing together different points of view on policy and practice.

The website has launched with a major report: What Next For GCSEs? The site also currently features blog posts on teacher assessment and comparative judgement – and data comparing the UK’s performance in reading, maths and science skills with countries around the world.

James Lloyd, AQA’s Head of Policy and Public Affairs, said: “We hope AQi will be an essential destination for those looking for insight on assessment and qualifications. It will feature blogs, discussion papers and events, and aims to provide a neutral platform for exchanging views.”

You can follow AQi on Twitter for the latest updates and opportunities to join the debate.

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