Artificial intelligence use in assessments: protecting the integrity of qualifications

Published: Wednesday 29 Mar 2023

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has published guidance to give teachers and assessors the information they need to identify, report and investigate student malpractice, including the misuse of artificial intelligence (AI).

While AI misuse is new, most of the ways to prevent its misuse and mitigate the associated risks are not. Schools and colleges will already have established measures in place to make sure that students are aware of the importance of submitting their own independent work for assessment, and for identifying potential malpractice. The guidance reminds teachers and assessors of best practice in this area and how to apply it in the context of AI use.

The guidance covers:

  • The assessments the guidance applies to
  • What is AI use and what are the risks of using it in assessments?
  • What is AI misuse?
  • School and college engagement with and discussion of AI
  • Acknowledging AI use
  • Other ways to prevent misuse
  • Identifying misuse
  • Reporting misuse
  • Exam board actions

The JCQ will monitor developments in this area and will update their guidance when appropriate.

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