Dance, drama and music: performance duration declaration form for 2022

Published: Tuesday 1 Feb 2022

For 2022, there are new time requirements for our Dance, Drama and Music qualifications.

To confirm whether or not each student has met the new time requirements, you’ll need to submit a Performance duration declaration form for the following internally assessed components:

  • GCSE Dance component 1 (8236/C)
  • GCSE Drama component 2 (8261/C)
  • A-level Drama and Theatre component 2 (7262/C)
  • GCSE Music components 2 and 3 (8271/PE and 8271/CE)

You should submit this form by 15 May 2022.

For externally assessed components (marked by us), you do not need to submit the form. Our examiners will record all students who did not meet the minimum time (and maximum time for A-level Dance) and notify us.

We’ll apply any time penalties in the same way for internally and externally assessed components.

You can read more about the one-off arrangements for 2022 for Dance, Drama and Music on our qualification pages.

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