English anthologies: what's available when

Published: Thursday 4 May 2023

The following anthologies are available for our English qualifications:



AQA anthology

Available as

A-level English Language and Literature



Anthology: Paris

Anthology: Poetic voices

Hard copy

AS and A-level English Literature A


Anthology: Love through the ages

Hard copy

AS and A-level English Literature B


Poetry: Tragedy and comedy

Hard copy


Poetry: Crime and political and social protest

Hard copy


Critical anthology

Hard copy

GCSE English Literature (8702)


Telling tales: short story anthology

Hard copy

8702/B/1 and 8702/B/2

Past and present: poetry anthology (Love and relationships, and Power and conflict)

Digital version, hard copy

8702/B/3 (available to teach from September 2023 onwards, and first exam will be in 2025)

Worlds and lives: optional poetry cluster

Digital version available now, hard copy available to order from June 2023

For AS and A-level, we'll automatically send clean copies of the anthologies for these open book exams based on your school/college entries. For GCSE exams, these are closed book, so we don't need to send you any 'clean' copies.

For GCSE digital versions, the anthologies are available on Centre Services. To find them, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Centre Services
  • Click 'Resources' then 'Assessment and training'
  • Choose 'English'
  • Select 'GCSE' from the 'Qualification' filter
  • Select 'Assessment material' from the 'Resource type' filter
  • Select '8702 English Literature' from the 'Specification' filter

Exam copies used in the summer 2023 exams can be used as classroom copies in 2024. If you need to order additional copies, please use the anthology order form. Remember, you can order additional anthologies at any point, so you don't need to worry about ordering additional spares just in case.

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