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Keeping students' work for the summer 2021 series

Published:Wednesday 17 Mar 2021

The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) has confirmed that, where possible, all evidence on which a student’s grade is based, (including copies of their work and any mark records) is kept safely by the school or college. This is because it’ll be needed to support how a school or college arrived at students’ grades as part of the internal and external quality assurance processes and appeals.

Records of student evidence should be kept accessible so they can be easily found and used if a student wants to appeal their grade.

As teachers won’t yet have made any final decisions about the range of evidence on which students’ grades will be based, it’s best to keep all student work and mark records for assessments for the time being as they might be needed later to form part of the final evidence base.

If some evidence of students’ work is not available (eg because it was from earlier in the course and evidence was not kept at that point), the marks can still be used in determining the final grade. If this is the case, any evidence that is available can be used by the exam boards to support the appeal if the student decides that the grade was unreasonable, based on the evidence provided.

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