Update on A-level Chemistry Paper 2

Published: Wednesday 22 Jun 2022

We were very disappointed to hear that some students may have seen our A-level Chemistry paper 2 before the exam.

We wanted to let you know that our exams integrity team is investigating this, to identify and take the necessary action against any individual(s) responsible for this breach, working with the police, and action fraud where we need to.  

Unfortunately, it wouldn't have been possible to replace this paper before the exam as we wouldn’t have had enough time to replace it with a suitable alternative.

We realise students might be concerned, but we’d like to reassure you that we have tried and tested things we can do to make sure no-one has an unfair advantage. An example of this is – once the paper has been marked – analysing how students have performed on this paper and identifying any performance that looks suspicious.   

Our advice to students is always to steer clear of any exam papers offered online or by any other means, because trying to sell, buy, or look at such materials could be treated as a form of malpractice.

If you have any information that you believe is relevant or will support our investigation, please contact irregularities@aqa.org.uk

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