Vocational, technical, and other general qualification exams and assessments - changes in 2021

Published: Tuesday 8 Sep 2020

We know schools and colleges still need clarity about the changes for both January and June 2021 series, following Ofqual’s decisions on vocational and technical qualification exams in 2021.

Not all subjects will need to have changes, but for those subjects that do, our curriculum teams have been working hard to make the relevant changes to our qualifications.

We understand how important it is for schools and colleges to know what these changes mean for your subjects, particularly for qualifications with a January 2021 series. We’re submitting our proposed changes to Ofqual by early next week, and we know they’re working hard to respond quickly – so we should be able to confirm and explain all the changes in full soon.

In the meantime, schools and colleges should continue to prepare for these assessments (NEA, pre-release etc) as normal, and we’ll update you on any subject specific changes and include these on our website as soon as we can.

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