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Resource list

This resource provides a list of resources to help you plan, teach and assess with confidence.

It details materials that teachers and/or students might find useful for supporting both practical and historical/critical/contextual aspects of the course. Please note, some of the books listed may be out of print but will be available in libraries


Author Title Publisher
Aristides, J (2011) Lessons in Classical Drawing Arcturus
Barber, B (2013) The Fundamentals of Drawing Watson-Guptill
Hobbs, J (2014) Sketch your World Apple Press
Marr, A (2013) A Short Book About Drawing Quandrille
Stanton, J (1989) The Art of Life Drawing Mitchell Beazley
Zell, M (2008) The Architectural Drawing Course Thames & Hudson
Valli, M & Ibara, A (2013) Walk the Line. The Art of Drawing Laurence King
Wright, C (2008) The Magic of Drawing Impact

Sketchbooks, workbooks and journals

Author Title Publisher
Bleiweissm S (2012) The Sketchbook Challenge Potter Craft
Brereton, R (2012) Sketchbooks: the Hidden Art of Designers, Illustrators and Creatives Laurence King
DeVries Sokol, D (2008) 1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages + Inspiration Rockport
Gregory, D (2009) An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration From Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers F + W
Perrella, L (2007) Artists’ Journals + Sketchbooks: Exploring + Creating Personal Pages Rockport
Stobart, J (2011) Extraordinary Sketchbooks A + C Black

General textbooks

Author Title Publisher
AQA Art and Design Student Handbook Nelson Thornes
Baats, W (1999) Photography A Concise History Laurence King, London
Bayley, S (1985) The Conrad Directory of Design Conrad Octopus, London
Bishop, C (2005) Installation Art Tate Publishing
Bony, A (2005) Design Chambers Harrap
Canby, S R (2005) Islamic Art in Detail British Museum Press
Caruana, W (2012) Aboriginal Art – Third edition Thames & Hudson, London
Chadwick, W (1991) Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement Thames & Hudson, London
Chadwick, W (2012) Women, Art and Society Thames & Hudson, London
Chilvers, I and Osborn, H Oxford Directory of Art Oxford University Press, Oxford
Clunas, C (1997) Art in China Oxford University Press, Oxford
Collings, M (2000) This is Modern Art Weidenfield and Nicholson, London
Dempsey, A (2002) Styles, Schools and Movements Thames & Hudson, London
Dempsey, A (2011) Destination Art Thames & Hudson
Dimbleby, D (2005) A Picture of Britain Tate

Donchev, A (2011)

(Selected by)

100 Artists’ Manifestos : From The Futurists to the Stuckists Penquin Classics
Elger, D (1998) Expressionism Taschen,Cologne
Fiell, C & Fiell, P (2003) Designing the 21st Century Taschen
Frayling, C (1999) 50 years of Creativity Thames & Hudson, London
Garner, P (2003) Sixties Design Taschen

Gawne, E (2004)

Snodin, M

Exploring Architecture V & A Publication
Gombrich, E (1950) The Story of Art Phaidon, London
Gooding, M (2002) Song of the Earth Thames and Hudson
Hillier, B and Escritt, S (2003) Art Deco Style Phaidon, London
Honour, H and Fleming, J (2005) A World History of Art Laurence King, London
Hughes, R (1980) The Shock of the New British Broadcasting Corporation, London
Jackson, A (2003) V & A Guide to Period Styles V & A Publications
Jana, R & Tribe, M (2009) New Media Art Taschen

Jhaveri, S (2013)

Singh, D

Western Artist and India: Creative Inspirations in Art and Design Thames and Hudson
Kaplan, W (1998) Encyclopaedia of Arts and Crafts Headline, London

Kastner, J (2005)

Wallis, B

Land and Environmental Art Phaidon
Lynton, N (1980) The Story of Modern Art Phaidon, London
Mack, J (1994) Masks British Museum Press, London
Marsh, J and Nunn, P (1998) Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists Thames & Hudson, London
Mèredieu, F (2005) Digital and Video Art Chambers Harrap
Murrey, P and Murrey, L (1997 edition) Penguin Dictionary of Arts and Artists Penguin Books, London
Norwich, JJ (1980) Oxford Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Arts Oxford University Press, Oxford
Osborne, P (2011) Conceptual Art Phaidon
Perry, G (1999) Gender and Art Yale University Press
Phillips, T (1999) Africa The Art of a Continent Royal Academy of the Arts, London
Riley, N (2003) The Elements of Design Mitchell Beazley
Rowland, A (1990) Bauhaus Source Book Phaidon, London
Rush, M (1999) New Media in Late 20th Century Art

New Media in Late 20th

Century Art

Smith, E L (1995) Art Today Phaidon, London
Spark, P (1987) Design in Context Quaro, London
Stone, Rebecca R (2012) Art of the Andes – Third edition Thames & Hudson, London
Tesch, J and Eckhard, H (1998) Icons of Art, The 20th Century Prestel, Munich and New York
Timmers, M (1998) Power of the Poster

V & A Publications, London

Tintagli, P (1997) Women in Renaissance Art Manchester University Press

Warr, T (2000)

Jones, A

The Artist’s Body Phaidon
Wells, L (1997) Photography – A critical Introduction Routledge, London
Young, R (1999) Folk Art Mitchell Beazley, London

Fine art

Author Title Publisher
Bell, J (2004) Five Hundred Self-Portraits Phaidon
Blazwick, I and Wilson, S (editors) (2000) Tate Modern the Handbook Tate Publishing
Blistene, B (2001) A History of the 21st Century Art Flammarion Beaux Arts SA
Chadwick, W (1991) Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement Thames & Hudson, London
Chipp, H B (1992) Theories of Modern Art California Press
Collings, M (2000) This is Modern Art Weidenfield and Nicholson, London
Coppel, S & Kierkuc-Bielinski, J (2008) The American Scene: Prints from Hopper to Pollock British Museum Press
Elger, D (1998) Expressionism Taschen, Cologne
Grosenick, U (2001) Women Artists in the 20th and 21st Century Taschen
Grosenick, U (2002)

Riemschneider, B

Art Now Taschen
Heller, N (2003) Women Artists Aberville Press
Hughes, R (1980) The Shock of the New British Broadcasting Corporation, London
Kerrigan, M Asian Art Flame Tree Publishing
Larbalesteir, S (1993) The Art and Craft of Montage Mitchell Beazley
Lynton, N (1980) The Story of Modern Art Phaidon, London
Marsh, J and Nunn, P (1998) Pre-Raphaelite Women Artists

Thames & Hudson,


Mayer, M (2010) Basquiat – compact edition Merrell, London
Ross, J, Romano, C & Ross, J (1991) The Complete Printmaker Collier Paperbacks
Rowling, N (2003) Art Source Book Quantum
Selby, A (2013) Animation Laurence King Publishing
Smith, E L (1995) Art Today Phaidon, London
Sydney, C (1986) Flower Painting Phaidon
Ternan, M (2013) Stop Motion Animation Apple
Tintagli, P (1997) Women in Renaissance Art Manchester University Press
Wallis, B (2010) Land and Environmental Art Phaidon

Graphic communication

Author Title Publisher
Aynsley, J (2001) A Century of Graphic Design Mitchell Beazley
Blanchard, T (2004) Fashions and Graphics Laurence King, Publishing
Blanco, D (2009) Motion Graphics Now Links International
Calver, G (2003) What is Packaging Design? RotoVision
Clifford, J (2013) Graphic Icons: Visionaries

Who Shaped Modern graphic Design

Peachpit Press
Curran, S (2000) Motion Graphics: Graphic Design for Broadcast and Film Rockport
Davis, M (2012) Graphic Design in Context Thames & Hudson, London
Hollis, R (2002) A Concise History of Graphic Design Thames & Hudson
Hyland, A (2011) Symbol Laurence King, London
Hyland, A and Bell, R (2003) Hand to eye: Contemporary Illustration Laurence King
Jopling, P (1996) Graphic Design

Manchester University Press, Manchester

Julienn, A (2012) Digital Fronts. The Complete Guide to Creating, Marketing and Selling Thames & Hudson, London
Livingston, A and Livington, I (2012) Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers – Third edition Thames & Hudson, London
Lupton, E (2011) Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming Princeton Architectural Press
Meyer, C (2013)

Meyer, T

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects: Essential and Advanced Techniques Focal Press
Myerson, J and Vickers, G (2002) Rewind Forty Years of Design and Advertising Phaidon, London
Pentawards (Ed) The Package Design Book 2 Pentawards Taschen
Samara, T (2012) Drawing for Graphic Design: Understanding Conceptual Principles and Practical Techniques to Create Unique, Effective Design Solutions Rockport
Tappenden, C et al (2002) Foundation Course Graphic Design Cassell Illustrated
Twemlow, A (2004) Why Not Associates? Book Number 2 Thames & Hudson
Vit, A (2012) Graphic Design Referenced: A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications and History of Graphic Design Rockport
Wiedermann, J (2010) The Package Design Book Taschen
Wheeler, A (2009) Designing Brand Identity John Wiley & Sons

Textile design

Author Title Publisher
Beaney, J (1998) The Art of the Needle Century
Bowles, M (2012)

Isaac, C

Digital Textile Design Laurence King
Braddock Clarke, S E (2012) Digital Visions for Fashion and Textiles Thames and Hudson
Colchester, C (2001) The New Textiles Thames & Hudson, London
Cole, D (2003) 1000 Patterns A & C Black
Donovan, B (2010) Advanced Fashion Drawing Laurence King
Fiennes, R (2006) Above the World Cassell Illustrated
Frankel, S (2001) Visionaries: Interviews with Fashion Designers V & A Publishers
Gillow, J (2009) African Textiles Thames and Hudson
Gillow, J & Barnard, N (2014) Indian Textiles Thames and Hudson
Gillow, J and Sentence, B (2004) World Textiles Thames & Hudson, London
Griffiths, H and Hone, M (1989) Introduction to Batik Search Press
Harris, J (1993) 5000 Years of Textiles British Museum Press
Kirke, B (2012) Madeleine Vionnet Chronicle Book
Koda, H (2004) Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed (The Metropolitan Museum Of Art) Yale University Press
Landis, D N (2005) 50 Designers/50 Costumes: Concept to Character University of California Press
Malin, D (2004) Heaven and Earth: Unseen by then Naked Eye Phaidon Press
Mauries, P (1996) Christian Lacroix: The Diary of a Collection Simon and Schuster
McCarty, C and McQuaid, M (1999) Structure and Surface in Contemporary Japanese Textiles The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Midgelow-Marsden, A (2014) Stitch, Fibre, Metal + Mixed Media - The Textile Artist Search Press Ltd
O’Connor, N (1996) Wearable Art and Design for the Body Craig Potton Publishing
Prescott, J (2013) Fashion Textiles Vivays
Sischy, I & Demarchelier, P (2011) Dior Couture Rizzori
Smith, C and Topham, S (2005) Extreme Fashion Prestel Publishing
Tellier-Loumagne, F (2005) The Art of Knitting

Inspirational Stitches Textures and Surfaces

Thames and Hudson

Wilcox, C (2005) Vivienne Westwood V & A Publishing
Wilcox, C and Mendes, V (2002) The Art and Craft of Gianni Versace V & A Museum

Three dimensional design

Author Title Publisher
Beyer, T & McDermott (2002) Classics of Design Brown Reference Group
Brohan, T & Berg, T (2001) Design Classics Taschen
Burdek, BE (2005) History and Practice of Product Design BirkHauser
Byers, M (2001) The Best Tables, Chairs, Lights Rotovision
Camusso, L and Bartone, S (1991) Ceramics of the World MacDonald Illustrated
Causey, A (1998) Sculpture since 1945 Oxford University Press
Ceysson, B & Le Normand Romain, A (2006) Sculpture from the Renaissance to the Present Day Taschen
Danaher, S (2004) Complete Guide to Digital 3D Design Premier Press
Finn, D (1999) How to Look at Sculpture Sagebrush
Fuad-Luke, A (2004) The Eco-Design Handbook Thames & Hudson
Garner, P (2003) Sixties Design Taschen
Goldsworthy, A (2004) Passage Thames & Hudson
Hahner, I, Kecskesi, M & Vajda, L (2007) African Masks Prestel
Kastner, J & Wallis, B (2011 reprint) Land and Environmental Art Phaidon
Linea Editorial (2004) Sport Design Te Neues Publishing Group
Mack, J (2002) (editor) Ethnic Jewellery British Museum Press
Mansfield, J (2005) Ceramics in the Environment A&C Black
Midgley, B (1982) The Complete Guide to Sculpture, Modelling and Ceramics Techniques and Materials Phaidon Press
Morris, R (2009) The A-Z of Modern Design ava Academia
Newman, H (1987) An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewellery Thames & Hudson, London
Ostermann, M (2002) The Ceramic Surface A&C Black
Pipes, A (2007) Drawing for Designers Laurence King Publishing
Sentence, B (2004) Ceramics Thames & Hudson, London
Watson, O (1993) Studio Pottery Phaidon, London


Author Title Publisher
Berger, J (2013) Understanding a Photography Penguin
Blanks, T (2013)

Sloman, P

New Fashion Photography Prestel
Clarke, G (1997) The Photography: A Visual and Cultural History Oxford University Press, Oxford
Farrell, I (2011) A Complete Guide to Digital Photography Quercus
Golden, R (2001) 20th Century Photography: A complete guide to the greatest artists of the photographic age Carlton Books Ltd
Jaeger, A - C Image Makers Image Takers Thames & Hudson
Jeffrey, I & Phaidon (2000) The Photography Book Phaidon
Koetzle, H M (2002) Photo 2 (Icons) Taschen
Langford, M (1998 edition) Story of Photography - For technical skills see Michael Longford’s series of books

Focal Press, Oxford

Lenman, R (editor) (2005) The Oxford Companion to Photography Oxford University Press, Oxford
Modrak, Rebekah (2010) Reframing Photography: Theory and Practice Routledge
Mulligan, T and Wooters, D (2005) A History of Photography from: 1839 to present Taschen
Parr, M and Badger, G (2006) The Photo Book History V2 Phaidon Press
Pénichon, S (2013) Twentieth Century Colour Photographs Thames & Hudson
Rush, M (2003) Video Art Thames & Hudson, London
Sontag, S (1979) On Photography Penguin

Architecture/interior design

Author Title Publisher
Amidon, J (2001) Radical Landscapes Reinventing Outdoor Space Thames & Hudson, London
Coates, N (2004) Collidoscope - New Interior Design Laurence King Publishing

Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Guides – include a number of titles which provide an introduction to the work of artists, movements and themes, and the history and art of different cultures.

Oxford Historyof Art– a series which includes a wide range of titles related to the history of art.

Phaidon Colour Library – contains 40 plus titles including artists’ work from different cultures and movements.

Phaidon – produce a series of reference books, with comprehensive listings of contemporary and past artists and designers with single examples of their work and supporting notes. Titles include: The Art Book, The 20th Century Art Book, The American Art Book, The Photography Art Book and The Fashion Book.

Taschen – produce a wide range of large format, inexpensive and well - illustrated publications covering movements, individual artists, architectural styles and identified periods in history.

The World of Art – series published by Thames and Hudson includes an extensive collection of titles covering all aspects of art, craft and design, individual and movements.

The Internet provides access to the work of artists, designers and craftspeople from the UK and other parts of the world. Work available on Internet sites should be checked by teachers to ensure it is appropriate for students. Teachers/lecturers might also find the following websites useful in gaining access to relevant materials:

Art community

Art Education UK

Wide range of resources for teachers


An index of 6000 artists and related sites

Artlex Visual Arts Dictionary

A comprehensive dictionary containing definitions of more than 3000 art terms, along with illustrations, pronunciation notes and quotations

The Art Works

BBC – Your Paintings

200, 000 paintings to view


Graphics portfolios including branding, illustration, design for print, interactive graphics, photography

The Bridge

Useful link to the work of contemporary artists

Comprehensive Guide to Museums, Galleries and Exhibitions in the UK

Contextual References

Many useful contextual references and links

The Design Museum

Design Your Way

34 motion graphics studios and their work


Links to 189 graphic design portfolios

Directory of Illustration

Folio Planet

huge range of illustrators’ portfolios in categories

MOCA: Museum of Computer Art

Promoting computer art in its many forms, current exhibitions and archiving the work of leading artists in the field

National Grid for Learning

National Society for Education in Art and Design

Extensive library of resources for art teachers

Art galleries and museums


British Library

British Museum

British Museum (Schools and teachers)

Design Museum

Henry Moore Foundation (Perry Green)

Henry Moore Institute (Leeds)

Impressions Gallery


The National Centre for Craft & Design

National Gallery

National Media Museum

National Portrait Gallery

New Art Centre

Oxford Museums & Collections

Royal Academy of Arts

Royal Pump Rooms

Saatchi Gallery

The Shipley Art Gallery

South Bank Centre


Victoria and Albert Museum

The World Museum Community

Art and architecture publishers

Abbeville Press

Laurence King

Lund Humphries


National Gallery

Oxford University Press






Thames & Hudson

Yale University Press