Examiner vacancies

A number of vacancies to mark in summer 2020 are now open.

We also have a number of senior examiner vacancies which are listed separately.

Please make sure you read the ‘How to apply’ guidance below to avoid any delays in the application process.

How to apply

  1. Check our application criteria to ensure that you qualify to be an examiner or moderator.
  2. Check whether we're accepting applications for your subject:
  3. Either apply or register interest:

Apply (if applications are open for your subject)

  • Fill in the online application form if you are not already an examiner or moderator with us (or it's been three or more years since you were).
  • Call 01483 477 885 or email ar@aqa.org.uk if you are an examiner or moderator with us, have been in the last three years or have submitted an application in the last three years – you don't need to fill in the form. If you want to apply for a different subject to usual, you'll need to have three terms’ experience of teaching that subject within the last three years that can be verified by a suitable referee.
  • Once your application is approved then we’ll place you in a holding pool until an appointment for your preferred subject(s) becomes available.

Register interest (if applications for your subject are currently closed)

  • Register your details if you would like to be notified if/when the vacancy for your subject will be opening for the 2020 series.
  • If you’re already an examiner with us or have previously submitted an application, you don’t need to register your details again. Please contact examine@aqa.org.uk with any questions.


SubjectGCSE AS and A-levelLevel 1/2 Tech Award
Art and Design (Visiting Moderator) Closed Closed  
Dance       ClosedClosed   
Drama/Drama and Theatre Studies         ClosedClosed 
Drama (Visiting Examiner)Apply  (8261/X only)Apply  (7262/X only) 
Media Studies ClosedClosed 
Music Closed Closed   
Performing Arts--Closed

Business and economics

SubjectGCSE AS and A-levelELC Level 1/2 Level 3
Accounting - Closed - - -
Business Closed Closed - - -
Economics Apply  (for 2020)Apply  (for 2020) - - -
Extended Project Qualification - - - Apply (for 2020)Apply  (for 2020)
Law -Closed - - -
Preparation for Working Life - - Closed Closed -


SubjectGCSE AS and A-level
Computer Science Closed Closed


SubjectGCSE AS and A-level Step Up to English
English - - Closed
English Language Apply  (for 2020)Apply  (for 2020) -
English Literature

Apply (for 2020)

Apply  (for 2020) -
English Language and Literature - Apply  (for 2020) -


SubjectGCSE AS and A-level Award and Certificate
Citizenship Studies Apply  (for 2020) - -
Geography Apply  (for 2020)Apply  (for 2020) -
Government and Politics - Apply  (for 2020)  -
Health and Social Care - - Closed
History Apply  (for 2020)Apply  (for 2020) -
Personal and Social Education - - Closed
Philosophy - Apply  (for 2020) -
Religious Studies Apply  (for 2020)Apply  (for 2020) -
Sociology Apply  (for 2020)Apply  (for 2020) -


SubjectGCSE AS and A-level
Bengali Closed Closed
Chinese Closed     -
French       Closed Closed
German    Closed Closed
Italian     Closed -
Modern Hebrew Closed Closed
Panjabi Closed Closed
Polish Closed  Closed
Spanish      ClosedClosed
Urdu Closed -


SubjectGCSE AS and A-levelELCFSMQ Level 3 Certificate
Certificate in Mathematical Studies - - - - Closed
Mathematics Closed ClosedClosed- -
Statistics Closed - - - -


SubjectGCSE AS and A-level
Physical Education ClosedClosed
Physical Education (Visiting Moderator)ClosedClosed


SubjectGCSE AS and A-levelLevel 3 Certificate
Applied General Science--Closed
Biology Closed Closed -
Chemistry Closed Closed -
Combined Science - Synergy Closed - -
Environmental Science - Closed 
Physics Closed Closed -
Psychology Closed Closed -


SubjectGCSE AS and A-level
Design and Technology Fashion and Textiles -Closed
Design and Technology Closed-
Design and Technology Product Design -Closed
Engineering Closed -
Food Preparation and Nutrition      Closed

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