GCSE English Literature Paper 2 (specification 8702)

Wednesday 1 May 2024

The question papers for GCSE English Literature Paper 2 (specification 8702), timetabled for 9.00am on Monday 20 May 2024, have the code 8702/2R. This also includes the modified large print and Braille papers if you have requested any of those. These papers also do not have a date on the front page, and they refer to June 2023 in the footer.

This is because it is a paper originally produced and printed for use in summer 2023. As you’d expect, to protect the integrity of our exam system, we occasionally produce back-up papers to use if we need them. This was one of those occasions.

Fortunately, we did not need to use this back up paper, and as part of our commitment to sustainability, we try to reuse these papers where we can – this is why we did not print a date on the front page.

Please store these papers securely as you would usually do when you receive them, which will be by Friday 3 May. You do not need to do anything else differently, but please make sure that your invigilators and students are aware of this on the day of the exam to make sure there is no confusion.