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Entry fees for Summer 2022 exams

Published:Friday 3 Dec 2021

As an independent charity, we work hard to manage our operational costs because being careful with our money means we can help more teachers and students realise their potential. We know that schools and colleges are always under financial pressure so we don’t charge more than we need to for our qualifications and services.

Our aim is to keep our prices fair and competitive, while taking account of the changes to exams this year and extra work to put contingency plans in place.

Our fees for summer 2022

We understand the financial issues that the pandemic has created for schools and colleges and we want to support them as much as we possibly can. So we’ve kept our general qualification fee increases for summer 2022 to the bare minimum – our smallest increase in ten years and less than the rate of inflation.

We’ve applied the same increase across all our general qualifications, so this means fees for some subjects are still higher than others, such as subjects with comparatively low entry levels or higher delivery costs. This approach helps us to offer schools and colleges as wide a choice of subjects as possible.

Putting money back into education

We reinvest our entry fees back into education. This means we’re able to continuously improve our qualifications and assessments and the support we provide and means we’re able to continue to offer qualifications with low numbers of entries. It also funds other educational services, such as assessment research that benefits the whole education system.

Looking ahead to summer 2022

We hope that next summer exams can go ahead as planned. But in the unlikely event that exams are cancelled next summer, we’ll of course return any money we don’t need to you, just as we have in the last two years.

You can find all the information you’ll need on our entry fees webpage and all deadlines for entries are on our entries webpage. Basedata will be live from 3 December 2021 so schools will be able to start making their entries from then.

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