A-level Psychology: new teaching resources for 2024

Published: Friday 13 Oct 2023

We've created new 'Gender bias in psychology' resources to support the integration of a consideration of gender bias into the delivery of the A-level Psychology specification. The following resources are available on Centre Services:

  • Gender bias: Women in psychology
  • Gender bias: Research methods
  • Gender bias: Issues and debates

You can find the materials following the steps below:

  1. Log in to Centre Services
  2. Go to 'Resources'
  3. Select 'Assessment and training'
  4. Click 'All subjects'
  5. Click 'Psychology'
  6. Under 'Category', select 'Training, guidance and events'
  7. Under 'Resource type', select 'Teaching your subject'
  8. From the search results, download 'Course: A-level Psychology Gender bias in psychology - ATP summer 2023 | AS and A-level'

We also have a new answers and commentary resource titled 'Extended writing questions student examples directory' available in Assessment resources. This resource can help you find the wide range of learner responses available on Centre Services, including where to find the full mark responses.

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