GCSE Design and Technology: Non-exam assessment (NEA) contexts

Published: Wednesday 28 Jun 2023

On 1 June 2023 we published the GCSE Design and Technology non-exam assessment (NEA) contexts for learners being assessed in 2024. These contexts change every year so it’s important to make sure your learners are using the correct versions.

You can find the contexts on Centre Services using the following steps:

  • log into Centre Services
  • select ‘Resources’
  • select ‘Assessment and training’
  • choose ‘GCSE Design and Technology’
  • tick ‘GCSE'
  • tick ‘NEA’ in the resource type field
  • sort results by ‘Newest first’.

The files can be found under ‘GCSE Design and Technology – 8552/C GCSE Design and Technology Contextual Challenge NEA June 2024 | GCSE | 8552/C Design And Technology Nea’.

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