GCSE English Language: spoken language endorsement for summer 2024

Published: Thursday 30 Nov 2023

To fulfil the requirements of the GCSE English Language specification, all students must take part in an assessment of their spoken language skills by delivering a presentation.

If you're entering students for GCSE English Language (8700) in summer 2024, you'll need to provide the audio-visual recordings of the presentations of either all, or a sample of your students (depending on the number of students entered).

If you have any difficulties getting the required audio-visual recordings of your students' presentations, please email us at english-gcse@aqa.org.uk at the earliest opportunity, and no later than 31 March 2024. In your email please give the clear reasons why you’re unable to meet the requirements for this specification.

We have instructions on conducting and recording audio-visual evidence along with our NEA guide for the spoken language endorsement on our website.

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